Economic Development

Economic Development

California’s July Unemployment Numbers See Uptick

Despite a drop in the national unemployment rate, the California Employment Development Department says jobless rates rose across the Golden State last month, with overall state unemployment climbing from 8.5 percent in June to 8.7 percent in July. 

Orange County Caught in Complicated Dealings with the State over Money Issues

Four years ago, Orange County was able to secure more money after Lou Correa, a Democratic state senator from Orange County, refused to vote on the state budget until then-Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger gave the county more money. And it worked. The county ended up getting about $35 million in funds shifted from elsewhere. Some consider it political distortion, but Correa’s vote was needed, and Orange County received a relatively small share of property taxes, so the state handed over the funds.

Agricultural Production Rises in Butte and Glenn Counties

Butte and Glenn counties are both showing a raise in their gross income from agriculture. Butte County has jumped a pretty staggering amount: from $645.2 million in 2011 to $721.4 million in 2012. Which is a rise of over $77 million. Similarly, Glenn County went from $611.4 million in 2011 to $697 million in 2012.

Central Valley Counties See Uptick in June Unemployment

Despite an overall positive trend, some counties in the Central Valley witnessed a rise in unemployment last month.

Humboldt County Courthouse to Look into Restoring Services After State Judicial Funding

After receiving a slight increase in funding from the state, Humboldt County is looking to extend the hours of its courthouse. This is a much needed change, as many citizens find themselves needing to rush to the courthouse before its closing time at 2 p.m. in order to do court-related tasks such as pay a parking ticket or file documents. 

San Mateo County Workers Top List of Nation’s Highest-Paid Employees

In a comprehensive list that covers all of the counties in the nation, the Bureau of Labor Statistics released information on the highest-paid workers in the United States. San Mateo County topped the list, with its residents making an average of $3,240 per week. Falling just below New York County in second place, Santa Clara was third on the list, with its residents earning $1,906 per week. Finally, San Francisco County makes an appearance on the list at number 7, with its workers making $1,694 per week.

Merced Budget Encouraging But Challenges Lie Ahead

The Merced County Board of Supervisors has adopted a $462 million budget for the 2013-2014 fiscal year. The proposed spending plan, unanimously approved by the board on Tuesday, is “encouraging,” according to District 4 Supervisor and Chairwoman Deidre Kelsey—with an expected $2 million increase in revenues. It includes $352 million in general funds, representing a $12 million increase from last year.

Same-Sex Marriage Expected to Generate Millions in California

According to the UCLA’s Williams Institute, the Supreme Court’s ruling on Proposition 8 and the influx of new same-sex marriages in the state is expected to generate $492 million in the next 3 years.

Tulare County Supervisors to Consider Salary Increase Proposal

At its Tuesday meeting, Tulare County is expected to be addressing a $1.7 million salary increase proposal for county employees. A similar salary adjustment proposal was last approved in December of 2008. $530,000 is expected to be drawn from the Tulare County general fund.

County administrative officer Jean Rousseau says that after approximately 4 and a half years of no salary increases and conservative budgeting, the county is able to provide incentives for employees whose contracts are set to expire this year. 

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