10 of the State's 12 Major Reservoirs Below 50% Capacity as Drought Wears On

State officials say California’s reservoirs are now at a “seriously low” level. Many of the state’s major reservoirs are now less than half full. The report by the California Department of Water Resources shows that some of the major reservoirs are approaching numbers as low as 20%.

Though a spokesperson clarified, the reservoirs are not yet at historically low levels. There may be some solace to be taken from the fact that 1977’s historic drought brought California’s reservoirs to far lower levels. Also, the state average for all 12 reservoirs comes out to about 60% percent, still well above 1977’s average of 41%.

80% of California is already considered in “extreme” drought conditions, with some areas’ conditions considered exceptional—the highest category of dryness. 

These harsh conditions and dwindling supplies have caused several measures aimed at conserving the water supplies still available across the state. State officials approved a $500 fine last week for certain types of wasteful water usage. 

Jerry Brown has also signed a bill that prevents homeowners associations from fining residents with who are attempting to conserve water by holding off on watering their lawn. This may have been inspired by recent reports of cities allegedly fining residents for having brown lawns. Which, as reported by us earlier, may not be a completely factual report.

Read more about the state’s reservoirs here.



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