24 Counties Get State-Funded Drought Relief Food Aid

Given the dire drought situation across much of California, a state-funded program has been set in motion to provide food essentials to those left jobless by the drought’s effect on the agricultural community. 

Thousands of boxes have made their way to Yolo County, where over fourteen hundred people have benefitted from the program. Food Bank representatives said their efforts are focused in rural areas where not a lot of food resources are available to those struggling to make a living. 

Yolo County is only one county of twenty-four where the drought-relief program has been implemented. The funding for this project comes from a drought relief package signed by Governor Jerry Brown. Thirty million dollars of state money has been allocated to provide food aid to those in need of help. 

The funds have been distributed based on the unemployment rate of each county, and the amount of agriculture workers. Fresno County has been reported as the county with the highest number of drought relief boxes.

The boxes of food aid are in high demand, however, and many county officials are wondering if the relief being provided is enough. As the summer dry season continues, the number of people needing help will only grow, a Tulare County official involved with the Salvation Army argued. The organization requested 20,000 boxes of food for the month of July, but as the situation gets more dire, they realized their estimates were too conservative.

Read more about the food aid here.



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