California Firefighters Take on 200 Wildfires in a Single Week

Extremely dry conditions and low humidity in the past week has taken its toll. California firefighters have responded to 200 new wildfires in this week alone. And with the drought raging on, officials do not see that number tapering off in the near future. 

The California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection reports that their crews have responded to over 3,600 fires in this year alone. Compared to last year, Cal Fire responded to around 3,000 fires, but the fires burned more, covering roughly 106 square miles. The fire-year average for these numbers would be 2,500 fires and 54 miles burned.

Though they have their hands full, fire officials responded to the 200 wildfires with great expertise. All but one was extinguished. The Sand fire in Amador County continues to burn. The steep, dry terrain has made it tricky for firefighters to get into strategic positions, meaning that the fire has burned about 3,800 acres so far, destroying 13 residences and 38 outbuildings. As of Monday, however, officials report that the fire was 75% contained. 

Though the amount of wildfires cropping up is staggering, at least CalFire seems prepared for the unusually high numbers. Given that officials were predicting an especially bad wildfire season months ago, officials seem to be prepared for especially bad fire conditions.

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