Firefighters Gain Little Ground Against Shasta County Wildfire

A 3,700-acre blaze in Shasta County has proven difficult for local firefighters to contain. The wildfire, named the Bully Fire, was only 10 percent contained by Sunday afternoon, said a spokesman for the  California Department of Fire and Forestry Protection. The blaze is thought to have begun around 3:30 on Friday due to the exhaust of a truck driven by a person delivering supplies to an illegal marijuana grow site.

100 degree temperatures throughout the weekend only hindered firefighters’ ability to contain the blaze despite the amount of personnel and resources available. Despite the harsh conditions and the 1,100 firefighters pitching in, only two minor injuries were reported so far in the fire eradication effort. 

California Fire law enforcement officials arrested the driver of the truck believed to have started the fire. The coincidentally named Freddie Alexander Smoke is charged with recklessly causing a fire and cultivating unauthorized marijuana, which are both felonies.

Fire officials elsewhere in California also have their hands full when it comes to fires popping up. Kern County officials are facing off against the Nicolls Fire, which has burned 1,178 acres and was only 5% contained as of Sunday. 

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