PPIC Report Shows that Realignment has Led to Small Change in Recidivism

The Public Policy Institute of California recently released a report entitled “Is Public Safety Realignment Reducing Recidivism in California?” Their findings show that after realignment shifted responsibility for more than 30,000 offenders from the state to the local level, arrest rates overall are slightly down (about 2 percent) from before realignment was instituted in 2011.

Though arrest rates are down, the proportion of those arrested multiple times has increased by a larger amount - 7 percent. Many believe this increase reflects the time offenders spend on the streets after being released due to county jails’ limited capacity.

Though, overall, their study shows that realignment has accomplished one of its main goals: reduce the amount of released inmates who return to state prison. The amount of inmates returning to state prison has dropped by 33 percent. In this case, the report calls realignment successful in reducing the amount of minor offenders and parole violators in state prison.

The report states in its opening summary that the sweeping changes implemented through redevelopment and similar programs have not resulted in dramatic changes. 

Read the full report here.



Monday, January 29, 2024 - 11:03

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