Riverside County Prepares for Influx of Undocumented Immigrants

Though a recent, highly-publicized protest in Murrieta recently blocked three buses of undocumented immigrants from entering the county, Riverside officials are preparing for a possible influx of immigrants from Central America in the near future. 

County Supervisors John Benoit made it clear in a recent statement that the county is obligated to provide services such as health care to immigrants who end up staying in the county for processing. The county will have to feel out the issue and see how big of a problem it ends up being, but they will provide the necessary humanitarian services to those in need in their county, Benoit said.

However, if the population of undocumented immigrants in Riverside continues to grow, Benoit added that county officials may seek a way to be reimbursed for their services from both the federal and state government. 

Other counties with border patrol stations in California—such as Imperial and San Diego—are also preparing for such an influx of Central American immigrants, who are being brought to California due to Texas immigration officials being overwhelmed by the influx of Central American individuals being brought to the Rio Grande Valley for processing. 

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