Solano District Attorney-Elect Gets Early Start Following D.A.’s Resignation

Solano County District Attorney-elect, Krishna Adams, will be sworn into office on Friday, more than four months before she was supposed to assume the position.

Adams defeated current District Attorney Ron du Bain in the June 3 primary. But, months before du Bain was set to step down, he announced his resignation, which is now effective Friday.

On Tuesday, the Board of Supervisors voted to appoint Adams as interim for du Bain. The issue was added to Tuesday’s agenda as an “urgency ordinance” and the vote was unanimous with Supervisors Jim Spering and Skip Thompson absent.

County Counsel Dennis Bunting called the move unprecedented. There were two choices, he explained: appoint a successor or allow Chief Deputy District Attorney John Daugherty to assume the position temporarily. By starting Adams early, Bunting said the board had ensured a smoother transition.

Du Bain, who announced his resignation Thursday, also said he believed it would be best to give Adams “a head start.”

Adams says she has already reached out to du Bain’s management team, and Daughtery specifically.

"I believe very confidently that the two of us will work together to effectuate a smooth transition,” Adams said. “We can do this without disrupting the work and stay focused on our No. 1 priority, which is public safety and to carry out the mission of the District Attorney's Office, which is to always seek and do justice."

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