Ex-City Manager Fires Gun at Iowa Supervisor Meeting, Is Killed With Own Gun

In Jackson County, Iowa, a disgruntled former city manager began to open fire at a Jackson County supervisor meeting. He was killed with his own gun in the struggle that followed, according to official police reports. The county’s sheriff told reporters that Francis Glaser, 71, of Maquoketa, Iowa, was upset about the amount his property was assessed at, and was scheduled to speak about the issue at Tuesday’s supervisors meeting.

When the exchange over his property’s assessment got heated, the supervisors decided that the discussion was not productive and allowed County Assessor Deb Lane to leave the county courthouse. As she was leaving the room, Glaser pulled a handgun from his briefcase and shot in her direction, but was tackled by County Supervisor Larry Koos. Supervisors say that had Koos not subdued Glaser, he may have followed Lane into the hallway and continued his assault.

As Koos and others present at the meeting held Glaser down, the gun went off. Those present were not sure if the shot was accidental or not, but the shot was fatal for the former city manager of Maquoketa. Koos was treated for a minor injury that was not a gunshot wound.

Glaser served as city manager of Maquoketa from 1994 to 1997. The current city manager explained that he was hired after Glaser and the city had a “parting of ways.” He was told that Glaser’s parting with the city was “not so good.” Glaser also served as city manager of the nearby city of Tipton before retiring a few years later.

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