Proposal for Aides’ Pay Hike Deleted from Orange County Supervisors’ Agenda

Orange County officials have tabled a proposal that would have increased pay for top political aides amidst criticism from rank-and-file employees and the county’s largest union.

Supervisors were set to discuss the item Tuesday, which would have established job classifications and pay grades for supervisors’ aides for the first time. If adopted, a chief of staff currently making $112,900 would have seen their pay jump to $131,000. The proposal, however, was abruptly deleted from the supervisors’ agenda following a firestorm of criticism.

"The County workforce is divided into haves and have nots, insiders and outsiders, the favored few and everyone else," said Jennifer Muir, assistant general manager for the Orange County Employees Association. "We're everyone else. For us, the County is a place of limited resources, falling real wages and takeaways. But there's another County, a County where the sky is the limit, a County where who you know is the only thing that matters, a County where you can get a huge wage increase in the blink of an eye."

The proposal was initially scheduled for a vote on August 12, but was then delayed until September 9. Supervisor John Moorlach said the reason behind the item’s deletion isn’t entirely clear. Whether it will be brought back for a future vote also remains uncertain.

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