CHP offiers accused of circulated naked pics of arrestees

The California Highway Patrol is trying to downplay a new controversy involving officers suspected of secretly sharing explicit photos of women who are arrested.

The story erupted when an officer told the Contra Costa Times that he and his fellow officers had a running “game” of searching through cell phones of female suspects. The officers would allegedly share any explicit photos they found on the phones with other officers.

According to investigators for the Contra Costa District Attorney’s Office, Officer Sean Harrington confessed to sending nude or racy photos taken from the phones of women under arrest and then sent them to colleagues in what he called a game.

According to court papers obtained by the newspaper, Harrington said he learned to do this while working in Los Angeles and told investigators he had done it about six times over several years. Yet, Browne told the newspaper that this case appears isolated to an East Bay CHP office.

“There’s not truth that it stretches from Los Angeles to Dublin,” he said.

In the meantime, better make sure those phones are locked. Just in case.