Ride the turtle: Transportation report raising eyebrows for psychedelic art

Government reports are bland, almost by definition. If they were an ice cream flavor, they’d be vanilla. If they were a breakfast item, they’d be Cream of Wheat.

But a new report from Caltrans and the Metropolitan Transportation Authority is receiving some attention for passing the Electric Kool Aid Acid Test.

Well, maybe not the contents, which we can probably assume are as bland as ever. But one enterprising young designer decided to do something a little different with the cover art, and has raised some eyebrows in the process.

Chocolate in my peanut butter? Outrageous!

The 1,316-page report centers on the High Desert Corridor, a proposed 63-mile freeway and rail link between the Antelope Valley and a fast-growing area of northwest San Bernardino County.

The LA Times describes the cover art: “Against an eye-watering marigold-and-purple background, two raptors with peace signs on their wings soared through the air on neon bicycles. Fireworks erupted near an acid-green tumbleweed. And, in the upper-right-hand corner, a tortoise with the word "Brad" etched on its shell chased a ground squirrel.”

Others have pointed out “A peyote eagle riding an experimental racing bike and “two neon hatchbacks rolling down a deserted desert highway.”

It’s like a metaphor, man. For like, life, man. Makes us all want to do our chicken dance shuffle just hearing about it.

But you can do better than that. You can check out the cover art, and even read the entire report if you dare,  here.