San Mateo County transforms content management


Faced with a technology infrastructure that was woefully outdated, despite being home to some of the world’s most innovative technology companies, San Mateo County decided to make a change.

County officials decided to rebuild its online footprint and in the process, it created a unified website that’s accessible, secure and user friendly on multiple platforms.

The county turned to Open Public 1.0, a content management system aimed at helping ease the pains of operating government websites.  The system is used for different sectors of government both large and small on the state and local level.

Governments across the country have had problems with issues like accessibility, website security and mobile presence. Open Public 1.0, which uses Drupal—the same open-source platform the White House’s website uses helps make it easier for governments to create and maintain their websites.

San Mateo County had been struggling with keeping its site up-to-date and secure. Like some of Phase 2’s other public-sector customers, different county agencies had been managing and maintaining their own web presences, which created complicated layers of content management.