Women Treading Water in Local Elections

​The Leadership California Institute (LCI) commends the more than 270 women who won seats on California city councils and county boards in November 2014's elections. Women slightly over-performed at the local ballot Tuesday, comprising 27 percent of candidates, but 29 percent of all winners. Among non-incumbent mayors and councilmembers, women are poised to assume exactly 30 percent of available seats.

This continues a trend of women struggling to surpass 30 percent of local elected officials, identified in LCI’s September 2014 report “Women 2014.”

"Again we see women struggling to crack that 30 percent ceiling in local government,” said Paula Treat, President of the Leadership California Institute. "This is such a vital issue because these women comprise the ‘bench’ of future legislative and congressional candidates. We cannot increase our representation in Sacramento or Washington without getting more women into public service at the local level."

The LCI offered the findings in “Women 2014” as a baseline by which future progress of women in California government can be measured. In the interim, the LCI will be hosting regional forums throughout the state on the status of women.



Monday, July 27, 2020 - 15:51

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