Meet the Trimmigrants – the new breed of seasonal agricultural worker

It’s harvest time in one California county, and that means lots of seasonal work for part-time agricultural workers.

But it’s not grapes or strawberries that are being picked in Humboldt this time of year. It’s the county’s top cash crop – marijuana.

KQED reports on the seasonal workers who come to Humboldt County to find work as “trimmers” – workers to cut the buds to get them ready for sale. Unlike other types of agricultural workers, these are mostly young people in their 20s,. The locals have a name for these young migrant workers: “trimmigrants.”

“There are more than 100,000 marijuana plants growing in the hills around Humboldt, the county sheriff’s office estimates. They all need to be harvested around the same time and processed quickly to avoid mold and other problems. So, from September through November, it’s all hands on deck. That’s where trimmigrants, also called scissor drifters, come in.”

You can read the full KQED story and listen to the item on the California Report here.