State controller releases updates city and county financial data

The state controller’s office has updated its web site showing financial data for city and county governments.

The site allows visitors to search payroll and other financial data of local governments.

The controller’s office also made its own list of charts. Among them is the list of top county expenditures by category. Public safety tops the list followed closely by public assistance. Health and sanitation costs rank third on the county expenditure list.

The site also includes pension information, including the total assets and the unfunded liability charts for the state’s largest public pension systems.

The data project has launched during John Chiang’s eight years in the controller’s office. Chaing says he  created the website “to make it easier for taxpayers to track revenues, expenditures and other financial data reported by California's 58 counties and more than 450 cities.”

Next month, Chiang will take over as state treasurer. Democrat Betty Yee, a member of the state Board of Equalization.

You can see the updated database here.