Traffic app has Los Angeles residents up in arms

When residents in a quiet Sherman Oaks neighborhood found their streets covered with bumper-to-bumper traffic, many residents were confused. When they found out the traffic was being rerouted there through a smartphone app, they got angry.

A traffic app called Waze has been growing in popularity, rerouting traffic through LA’s notoriously awful freeway jams. Now, residents say they’re angry and ready to fight back.

"The traffic is unbearable now. You can't even walk your dog," resident Paula Hamilton, told the Fox News.

“There are some things that can be done to mitigate the situation, said Los Angeles Department of Transportation spokesman Bruce Gillman, like placing speed bumps and four-way stop signs on streets. Lanes could even be taken out to discourage shortcut seekers, but a neighborhood traffic study would have to be done first.

“Los Angeles County has 7.6 million registered vehicles, more than some states. The Interstate 405 Freeway that parallels the unhappy neighborhoods carries 379,000 cars a day.

“So while a shortcut down a sleepy street might not be a problem in a place like Des Moines or even Detroit, it's a different story in a city that last year was again ranked No. 1 for the nation's most time-consuming traffic jams.”