New map offers window into anti-vaccination movement


There is a new epidemic in California: an epidemic of parents who refuse to vaccinate their children.

The movement has grown with some attention from C-List celebrities like Jenny McCarthy and Rob Schneider who have used fringe science to link vaccinations to autism.

The impacts are being felt around the state and the country, as we endure new outbreaks of diseases that had been all but wiped out with recent advances in medicine.

The most recent example is the measles outbreak, which health officials have linked to Disneyland, and has spread to several states.

The Washington Post has created a map showing areas where parents do not vaccinate their kids.

“Using data from the California Department of Public Health, it divides the state into equal-area grids, and within each area it counts the number of public school kindergartners with what's known as a "personal belief exemption" (PBE) to state vaccine requirements. The hexagon markers are sized by the total number of kindergartners in the area, and colored according to the percent of them with PBEs.

You can see the map here



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