Three More Counties Sign on to Jefferson Secession Movement

Three more counties have officially signed on to a bold proposal to break away from the State of California.

Petitions signed by the counties of Tehama, Glenn, and Yuba were delivered to state lawmakers Thursday, calling for the creation of a 51st state to be named Jefferson. The new “declarations of separation” bring the total number of secession-seeking counties to five.

“This is a win for all of California,” said the movement’s chairman Mark Baird. “It is something we have to have to survive and the state needs to redress our grievances.” Those grievances include a lack of representation at the state level and overall sense of alienation from the state and federal governments.

"The state of California has failed its contractual obligation through the Constitution of California with regards to the rural counties of Northern California," Baird said. "Northern California has six state representatives. Los Angeles County alone has 35. That is not equal representation."

Two hundred people rallied in support of the plan outside the capitol Thursday. Supporters will return next month, where they expect three additional counties to file petitions.

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