Campaign Spending Caps Get Final Approval in San Diego County

San Diego County Supervisors have given final approval to a plan which will cap the amount of money political parties may donate to candidates for county offices. Tuesday’s vote was 4 to 1 and follows years of discussion surrounding campaign finance rules.

Under the new regulations, supervisor races will see limits of $25,000-per-district, while other county offices will have a cap of $50,000. The new limits will be reviewed every two years and adjusted according to the Consumer Price Index.

"We're not hampering anyone's free speech nor trampling anyone's rights," said Supervisor Ron Roberts. "We are adopting limits that are fair to the parties, fair to the candidates -- whether they be in an election Republican versus Democrat or an election Republican versus Republican -- and also fair to the public."

Supervisor Bill Horn cast the dissenting vote Tuesday. Instead of limiting contributions from political parties, he has argued that individual expenditure committees should be eliminated due to an overall lack of transparency.

"Limits limit choice, limit transparency and they breed nasty political attacks and cynicism," said Imperial resident and former Missouri state Sen. John Loudon, who against the proposal.

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