San Diego is the latest to crack down on Airbnb

San Diego has started cracking down on people who rent out their home on the popular Web service Airbnb, part of a growing trend of cities and counties trying to collect taxes from the shot-term renal  site and those who use it.

As the Voice of San Diego reports, the city has sent out hundreds of letters demanding that anyone renting out their homes pay hotel taxes.

So far, about 5% of the more than 3,000 people who post on the site have signed up to pay taxes.

“The demand letters, coupled with the case of a 70-year-old Burlingame woman who’s been ordered to immediately stop renting out two rooms in her single-family home or face $2,500 in daily fines, have fueled an atmosphere of dread for local hosts who use the Airbnb website, which allows hosts to rent their homes or individual rooms on a short-term basis,” the site reports.

Many people say they want to follow the rules but just don’t know  what they are. City officials say they want every resident to be aware of the rules before agreeing to put their home up for short-term rental.

Taxes could add up to 11 percent to the typical Airbnb bill.

You can read the entire Voice of San Diego piece here.