Napa County touts success at managing local state parks


When state lawmakers were looking for ways to cut back during the budget deficits of the early part of the decade, they looked to state parks.

As state park funding was slashed, the state called on local jurisdictions and non-profits to take a larger role in managing state parks.

In one California county, at least, they’re touting the success of some of those efforts.

As the Napa Valley Register reported, “Four years after recession-battered California State Parks threatened to close Bothe-Napa and the adjacent Bale Grist Mill, the two parks appear to be ship-shape as well. The Napa County Regional Park and Open Space District and the nonprofit Napa Valley State Parks Association stepped in to stave off a potential death sentence.

“What started out as an emergency measure for locals to operate Bothe-Napa and Bale until the state economy improved may be the new normal.

“We’ll see where it goes,” district general manager John Woodbury said. “But at this point, people in the community are saying they don’t want to see us turn them back. We’re being successful financially, so they don’t want us to turn back.”