Stanislaus County to Restore Dozens of Public Safety Jobs

Stanislaus County Supervisors approved a plan to boost the county’s public safety Tuesday by restoring numerous positions that were lost in the wake of the recession.

Following a recommendation from Chief Executive Officer Stan Risen, the board approved the hiring of 13 staff members for probation and the restoration of another 18 positions in the Sheriff’s Department. In addition, four positions were allotted for the Public Defender’s Office and another three for the District Attorney’s Office.

Tuesday’s decision is aimed at rebuilding an overwhelmed system, which has been fraught with delay. According to county officials, deep cuts to the public safety ranks has resulted in delays for major criminal cases that have cost the county millions of dollars.

The restoration project will include $4 million in funding. Officials said it will allow law enforcement to apprehend more offenders and monitor former inmates after release. However, they added, it is unlikely to significantly reduce the backlog of criminal court cases that are currently weighing on the general fund.

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