State of Jefferson Momentum Stalls with Lassen County Supervisor Vote

State of Jefferson discussions in counties near the state’s northern border have hit a small road block. Tuesday evening, the Lassen County Board of Supervisors passed a resolution 3-2 to recognize a “lack of representation in state government,” but failed to approve outright support for the 51st state, delaying an official decision until June of 2016. 

The two dissenters from Tuesday’s vote include Lassen Supervisors Jim Chapman and Bob Pyle, who have spoken publicly against the movement’s “misrepresentation of the facts,” and outlandish rhetoric calling to “Let our people go.” 

Despite the hesitation in Lassen County, 5 other northern counties have adopted resolutions in support of the initiative. Furthermore, Tehama and Del Norte County voters overwhelmingly supported the movement on the June 2014 ballot, and Lake County Supervisors have approved sending the initiative to voters in November 2016. 

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