Marin County health director to resign


Larry Meredith has retired as head of the Marin County Department of Health after more than 13 years on the job.

“I’m in a good place in terms of my health; I’m 74 years old. I want this next chapter to be available to me while I have energy,” said Meredith in an interview with the Marin Independent Journal.

Meredith had both his knees replaced in September was still playing in two hockey leagues. He lost his two front teeth to an errant hockey stick in 2013. He grew up in a farming community in Canada.

“The plan is to get back to skiing and hockey,” Meredith told the paper, “although that is not something my orthopedic surgeon wants to hear.”

Meredith oversees a department with a yearly budget of $160 million and about 700 employees. For five years running now Marin has been ranked the healthiest county in California by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.