Local leaders react to federal cuts to local police forces


Local law enforcement leaders are expressing disappointment in the federal government’s decision to make cuts to local law enforcement agencies.

The Obama administration announced earlier this week that it would be cutting back shipments of surplus military equipment to local officials.

The White House moves comes amid growing protests against police violence around the country. Supporters of the administration’s move say they hope it will slow the trend of militarizing local police departments.

In California, reaction among law enforcement has been mixed.

In Sacramento, County Sheriff Scott Jones said in a statement that he is disappointed with, but not surprised by, the President's decision, calling it "hypocritical" in light of remarks Obama made last week pledging his support to law enforcement and getting them the resources and equipment they need.

Jones has been a vocal opponent of the administration on immigration and a number of other issues.

In a written statement Jones says the directive underscores a continuing attitude from the President "that local police and sheriff's departments... are incapable of effectively and fairly providing public safety services to their respective communities."

But Mayor Kevin Johnson expressed support for Obama’s move, saying it shows the president is committed to  “strengthening the relationship between police and the communities they serve.”

You can read more about the White House decision here.