Register Now: How Do We Fix American Universities?

CaliforniaCountyNews invites you to register for a discussion this evening in Sacramento featuring Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom and Arizona State University President Michael M. Crow.

“America’s universities are in crisis. Over the past quarter century, states have divested from public higher education, and America’s top colleges have become increasingly expensive and exclusive. A bachelor’s degree is no longer the great driver of social mobility it once was, and faculty and student bodies alike have been unable to catch up with our country’s growing diversity. American universities are still among the world’s best, but new technology and ambitious emerging nations are as much a threat to our educational institutions as they are to our economic institutions. Can our universities be transformed to meet these many different challenges? What would a 21st-century American university look like? California Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom and Arizona State University President Michael M. Crow, co-author of Designing the New American University, visit Zócalo to discuss what’s wrong with higher education in this country–and what might fix it.”

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