IT Problems Plague Multiple Orange County Agencies

A series of major computer and network problems have hit Orange County over the past week, making it more difficult for county workers to do their jobs. The outages affected multiple departments and left the county-recorder’s office down for an entire work day last week.

“We were completely down, every system we have,” said Clerk-Recorder Hugh Nguyen. “Personally I think it could have probably been fixed quicker.”

Problems at the county-recorder’s office stemmed from a newly-installed router. But, according to Nguyen, the county contractor Xerox Corp. was slow to respond. Telecommunication issues at Xerox’s facility in Texas also left numerous other departments in Orange County without phones for about two hours on Monday.

This is not the first time questions have been raised about Xerox, which has a $132 million contract to upgrade the county’s phone and computer networks. County executives previously accused the company of causing months-long delays to the upgrades, and the contract is already expected to go over budget.

“Every week we’re hearing about repeated issues with the network, and they range from network down time to resolutions that don’t actually fix the problem, which cause great frustrations among the people that are trying to do the work to [serve] the community,” said Jennifer Muir, assistant general manager of the Orange County Employees Association. “To have a situation like that where members of the public can’t get through” on the phone and county staff can't dial out, “that’s a serious problem,” she added.

County IT director Christina Koslosky has not addressed the recent outages. County spokeswoman Jean Pasco said that she was aware of the problem but, as of Monday, had no been given any additional information.

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