San Francisco to put warning labels on soda

San Francisco County Supervisors have voted unanimously to start placing warning labels on soda, saying sugary drinks contribute to health problems.

After the vote, the soda industry said it may sue to block the ordinance, while supporters said they will seek to expand the warning requirement beyond the city.

The labeling proposal must receive a second approval from the board and be signed by Mayor Ed Lee before it becomes law. If it does, it is believed that San Francisco would be the first place in the country to require such a warning on ads for soda.

The San Francisco vote comes less than a year after San Francisco voters rejected a measure that would have taxed sugary drinks. The measure received a majority of votes but fell short of the two-thirds needed for approval.

A legislative proposal to tax sugary drinks failed to gain traction in Sacramento this year.

Proponents of the soda tax said they will keep trying. “Another attempt at the sugar-sweetened beverage tax is being considered,” said John Maa, a general surgeon and member of the board of the American Heart Association in San Francisco, which lobbied for the ordinance approved Tuesday. He said advocates will seek to expand the warning messages throughout the state



Tuesday, January 28, 2020 - 20:21

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