Interstate 10 Collapse Prompts Riverside Supervisors to Declare State of Emergency

The collapse has put a massive strain on the Los Angeles to Phoenix corridor.

A bridge over a wash some four miles west of Desert Center collapsed after the weekend rain eroded a large amount of the earth supporting the relatively small overpass.

Caltrans expects to have a temporary fix in place and to be able to reopen I-10 on Friday. Caltrans is reinforcing the foundations with rocks and concrete, but a CBS affiliate reported that if the fix fails the stress test, Caltrans might have to demolish both bridges and rebuild them entirely.

The current detours add 150 to 200 miles and a couple hours driving time minimum. One eastbound detour diverts drivers as far south as Yuma, AZ and around the Salton Sea.

For the full story on the I-10 closure, see here.