Seven CA Counties Receive Awards Following the Annual Digital Counties Survey

The Survey also found cyber security to be the top concern nationwide.

Showing the nation what’s what in the digital arena, 5 of California’s 7 award-winning counties were in the survey’s largest category, 500,000 or more population.

San Diego and San Bernardino Counties placed 2nd and 8th respectively and represent two of the most populous counties in the country, with 3 million and 2 million residents to their credit.

Other large counties receiving recognition include, Sacramento County (3rd), County of Alameda (7th), and County of Ventura (10th).

The smaller counties receiving awards were Sonoma County earning 3rd in the 250,000-499,999 population category, and Nevada County placing 2nd in the Up to 150,000 population category.

The statewide trends of California’s Counties surfaced in the larger takeaways of the survey’s report.

Most notably, mobile applications and access as well as open data and transparency being high ranking issues that are “likely to have an increased focus in the next year.”

To see the full list of winners and the entire list of selected survey findings, click here.