Marin County Attorneys Urge Reinstatement of Fired Court Clerk

Almost four dozen lawyers around Marin County have signed a petition asking for the reinstatement of Casi Hobbs.

Hobbs had been a court clerk for nearly three decades prior to her contentious firing.

Tension existed between Hobbs and Court Executive Officer Kim Turner after Hobbs complained about a breach of employee confidentiality in a memo. Hobbs’ lawyer Charles Bonner says that Turner began singling her out after that. This treatment included her being written up for things alleged tardiness, allowing destitute defendants extra time to make payments to the court, and offering candy to a crying child in a courtroom.

Hobbs finally got fired as Turner was nearing retirement, although Turner stayed around as part of a transition.

Pending the outcome of Hobbs’ Skelly hearing, a process that allows a public employee to challenge termination, Bonner said a federal lawsuit is “a certainty” if they rule against Hobbs.

“The termination would not only cause deep pain to Casi, but would cause irreparable damage to her family,” Bonner said. “It’s going to take a very valuable public servant away from the community.”

Termination would not only mean lost pay and legal bills for Hobbs, but also losing a portion of her pension.

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