New State Website Takes Anonymous Tips on Water Waste

The State of California has now waded into the droughtshaming game with a new website that allows concerned citizens to anonymously snitch on neighbors or acquaintances who waste precious water.

The new site went live Thursday, and more than 300 agencies have already signed up for detailed access to the tips it receives. In addition to written complaints, informants can upload photos and videos of the water wasting in action. The reports will then be forwarded to the appropriate local agency.

The launch of the new SaveWater website comes on the heels of intense water cutbacks by Californians for the month of June. According to new figures from the State Water Resources Control Board, California residents reduced water usage by 27% that month, over and above the 25% target set by the state.

“Californians understand the severity of the drought and they are taking action, as shown by the numbers released today,” said Felicia Marcus, chair of the State Water Resources Control Board. “This report shows that residents knew they had to keep conserving even during the summer heat and they kept the sprinklers off more than they would in a normal year.”

Image Credit: Flickr User monkeymashbutton, via (CC BY-SA 2.0)