Tips for On Boarding Interim Hires, by Joanne Sanders, BOLT Staffing Service, Inc.

Organizations are frequently in a pinch when they finally decide to bring in additional help.  The pressures of the situation, along with the notion of “temp” employment can lead to shortcuts in the treatment of the new employee.

Savvy department heads realize the value of treating an interim employee the same as any other hire when it comes to things like:

  • On-boarding
    • Be sure to introduce the new employee to everyone relevant to their position, not just fellow department members.
    • Give an introductory tour of all the facilities that the employee may interact with during their assignment.
    • Be sure they know the names of the mayor, councilmembers and other elected officials.
  • Policies
    • What are your email, cell phone and break policies?
  • Organizational Traditions and Culture
    • Do you have casual Fridays?
      • If so, do you have dress guidelines?
    • Are there after-hours gatherings such a trip to a local pub on Friday evening?
      • Be sure to include your new employee in the social life of your organization.
  • Research indicates employee participation in social activities with supervisors and co-workers benefits employees and employers by increasing job satisfaction, enhancing performance, reducing stress and generating greater commitment to the organization.
  • Safety
    • What is the safety culture of your organization?
      • Be sure to include your new employee in all relevant briefings given to full-time permanent employees.
    • BOLT Staffing’s website features a video that is the product of a joint initiative with the US OSHA and American Staffing Association that emphasizes the importance of treating temporary employees in exactly the same way as permanent employees when it comes to safety.  Circulate it within in your organization.  For positions that require interaction with the community, your investment in making your new employee feel welcome and up to speed will translate to their confidence and that will enhance the experience your constituents have with your organization.   For positions that involve the operation or proximity to industrial equipment, actively including your new employee into your safety culture will benefit everyone.

As the saying goes, you only get one time to make a first impression.  Nothing insures a positive start to a new job more than a welcoming hand.  A warm, professional welcome will pay dividends whether your interim employee is onboard for a couple of weeks, or months beyond what you planned.

Bolt Staffing is a family owned and operated employment agency specializing in providing high quality interim staff in a variety of positions.  We partner every day with cities, counties, and special districts providing them with both long term and short term staffing solutions that are cost effective, productive, and solution oriented. We invite your comments below.  



Wednesday, October 4, 2023 - 10:27

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