4-Million-Year-Old Whale Unearthed in Santa Clara County

That is one way to halt the construction of a housing development.

Paleontologists on sight noted the rarity of the find based on the completeness of the skeleton. Additionally, it could provide some insight into whale evolution.

The site is located in Scotts Valley, a couple miles north of the City of Santa Cruz.

When questioned about how the skeleton ends up in the hills miles inland, paleontologist Scott Armstrong gave credit to earthquakes and the plate tectonics of the region.

"Most places where you see a hill, somewhere there's a fault line nearby pushing it up," he said. "They're relatively inactive faults. But yeah, it's from lifting thousands, maybe millions of years ago."

Found earlier this month on September 4th, excavation began last Thursday and once complete, the fossil will be transported to the Southern California offices of Paleo Solutions, the archaeological consulting service assigned to the construction project.

Further detail on the fossil can be found here.



Monday, July 27, 2020 - 15:51

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