Fresno County’s Rough Fire Now the Largest in County History

Fire season rages on as the Rough Fire is only roughly 40% contained.

The Rough Fire has now scorched over 138,000 acres in the Sierra Nevada Mountains just outside of the City of Fresno. More than 3,200 personnel are currently assigned to the largest fire seen this year and already one of the largest wildfires in state history.

A lightning strike started the fire some six weeks ago at the end of July and the fire burned all the way through August.

Amid a rain of ash, Fresno County health officials have reported staggering increases in emergency room visits. This includes a 411% increase in visits related to respiratory issues and a 90% increase in visits related to coughing. Fresno County Department of Public Health has recommended limiting all outdoor activity for the time being.

Full details on the Rough Fire can be found here.