Fresno County Supervisors Have to Choose a Project

The County has over $18 million to use on facilities, but has a list of “wants” totaling $55 million.

Decisions, decisions…

Most of the $18 million is pretty flexible with $11 million coming in the form of repayment of state mandates from the budget crisis. The remainder has some restrictions, $5.54 million is tobacco fund money and $1.87 million is from Prop 172 and is earmarked for public safety projects.

Supervisor opinions are varied at the moment, with the Board Chairwoman Debbie Poochigian saying that deferred maintenance should get some attention. Supervisors Henry R. Perea and Andreas Borgeas prioritized a new district attorney’s office. Supervisors Buddy Mendes and Brian Pacheco did not support any one project, rather Mendes supported the idea of choosing to centralize county offices and Pacheco just wants to stay within budget.

Other ideas include a new animal shelter and a sheriff’s substation.

Another thing being considered is the nature of the funds. As the funds are all “one-time” money, the board seemed to agree that projects chosen should require minimal year-to-year funding to reduce future financial obligations.

Supervisor Borgeas also pointed out that while these funds are “one-time,” the county does have other monies potentially available for the projects.

The decision making process is still underway up in Fresno County.

More on this Fresno County decision can be found here.



Monday, July 27, 2020 - 15:51

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