Lawmakers Reject Proposal to Expand Boards of Supervisors

A proposal to expand the boards of supervisors in the state’s 5 largest counties fell short in the State Senate Thursday with just 24 of the 27 votes needed to get a constitutional amendment on the November ballot.

Senate Constitutional Amendment 8, proposed by Sen. Tony Mendoza (D-Artesia), would require all California counties with populations of 2 million or more to increase their elected supervisors from 5 to 7. The legislation would affect 5 counties in particular: Los Angeles; Orange; Riverside; San Bernardino; and San Diego.

Mendoza and other supporters of the amendment have argued that it is necessary to increase efficiency and diversity on the boards. But lawmakers from both sides of the aisle have questioned the wisdom of the proposal. The amendment was also opposed by the counties of San Bernardino, Orange and Los Angeles, as well as the California State Association of Counties.

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