Video: Orange County Holds ‘Verbal Judo’ Seminar

The two-day workshop for county employees touched on how language carries meaning with it.

While that may seem obvious to some, the workshop organizers stressed that something as simple as remembering a professional tone can prevent unnecessary altercations for police officers.

The training also touched on methods of deflecting insults and verbal attacks that might be brought on when a county employee brings up something like delinquent tax notices.

This all comes with the national spotlight having been shown onto various instances of excessive use of force by police, with seminar speaker Joel Francis saying, "We have to keep our eye on training.”

Watch the ABC11 segment on the ‘Verbal Judo’ seminar here.



Monday, October 12, 2020 - 05:35

Riverside County leaders have approved a more lenient reopening plan despite increasing coronavirus infection rates and the threat of a backslide into the state’s most restrictive tier.