Update: FEMA Approves Fire Recovery Funds Totaling $7.5 Million for Valley and Butte Fire Zones

The agency has also finished inspecting the majority of registrations in the two zones.

President Obama signed federal orders for both Lake and Calaveras Counties in late September, as the two large fires were finally being contained.

The figure for allocated aid is $7.49 million and will help take care of the repair or replacement of homes, along with the cost of temporary housing and personal needs.

With the speedy processing of the registrations submitted thus far, the agency is moving on with the process of assigning temporary housing units to those families needing them.

So far, 60 units have been brought to the areas, with the possibility for more should the need arise.

The window to register for aid is still open, but FEMA is also starting to transition to community organizations to sow the seeds for long term recovery in the areas.

More on FEMA aid arriving to the fire zones can be found here.