Gov. Brown: Syrian Refugees Still Welcome in California

Governor Jerry Brown will not be joining a growing list of 30 governors who have said they're unwilling to accept Syrian refugees in their states.

On Monday, Brown reiterated his intention to work closely with President Obama “so that he can both uphold America’s traditional role as a place of asylum, but also ensure that anyone seeking refuge in America is fully vetted in a sophisticated and utterly reliable way.” While Syrian refugees will still be welcome in California, Brown insisted that any and all measures will be taken to ensure the safety of Californians.

A mounting backlash against the United States’ plan to accept thousands of refugees from war-torn Syria is currently underway, following Friday’s terrorist attacks in Paris, France. One of the attackers is believed to have disguised himself as a Syrian asylum seeker as a means of gaining entry into Europe—a revelation which has stoked concerns over the plan’s impact on national security.

The Obama Administration insists that all individuals admitted to the United States will undergo an extensive vetting process. Opponents of the plan doubt this is possible due to a lack of intelligence and data entry on the part of Syrian officials.

Brown’s refusal join the other governors is not a big surprise. Among the governors who have opposed the plan, only one is a Democrat. Moreover, legal experts have said the governors have no legal authority to reject the refugees in the first place.

Read more about Brown’s statement here.

Image Credit: Flickr User bob5d, via (CC BY 2.0)



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