L.A. County Considering Public Shaming Ordinance for Prostitution

L.A. County Supervisor Don Knabe has been working on the ordinance since last year and it could be in force in the next six months.

The ordinance would be the next part in L.A. County’s crusade against human trafficking. It would establish a list that would bear the names of the men caught soliciting the young girls forced into prostitution.

While there is no formal social science research done on the effectiveness of a “john-shaming” campaign, surveys of those caught soliciting revealed fear of social fallout to be a larger deterrent than fines or jail time.

Just look at the fallout from San Bernardino HR Boss Andrew Lamberto being caught in Orange County, calls for resignations followed in San Bernardino County. That was just a misdemeanor case too, not the deranged world of human trafficking that Knabe is looking to take down.

There is currently no distinction in the law as to whether an adult or a minor is being solicited for sex, but a pending bill in the legislature would add such a distinction.

Additional information on Supervisor Knabe’s ordinance can be found here.