List: California Doesn’t Have “The Worst Damn Freeway” In the Nation

Could have fooled us…

Make no mistake, the 405, the 80, and the 880 all made the list, but they did not top the “Total Horribleness Index” that Thrillist came up with in their compilation of America’s worst.

The number one sucky freeway? Washington D.C.’s I-66.

It’s constantly locked up, the roads are rough, the lanes are few, and people die.

So which California road did the best? Errr … worst?

The 405 at a respectable 4th place. While the 405 costs the most time overall and has numerous interchanges with freeways that can be just as bad, I-10 and I-5 especially, Thrillist lauded the region for understanding the need for the 405 to have five or six lanes as well as the lesser number of deaths on the road. Yay SoCal!

The 80 and 880 came in 8th and 9th just like the Bay Area siblings they are. Traffic fluctuations and some roughness seem to have carried the two onto the list.

One last takeaway, Texas did worse as a state than California, with their 3rd, 6th, and 7th, beating our 4th, 8th, and 9th. HA!

The full list is as follows:

12. I-95 and I-195 - Providence, RI

11. I-76/Schuylkill Expressway - Philadelphia, PA

10. I-376/Parkway East & West - Pittsburgh, PA

9. I-880 - San Jose, CA

8. I-80 - San Francisco, CA

7. I-35 - Austin, TX

6. I-635/LBJ - Dallas, TX

5. I-70 - Denver, CO

4. The 405 - Los Angeles, CA

3. The 610 Loop - Houston, TX

2. I-10 - New Orleans, LA

1. I-66 - Washington, DC

The Thrillist piece, complete with methodology breakdown, can be found here.