New Law Would Allow Selfies with Your Ballot

Vote, because all the cool kids are doing it…

Marc Levine, Assemblymember for Marin County, is considering introducing a law that would permit voters to post selfies with their ballots on Election Day.

The goal, Levine says, is for California law to “encourage voter pride, political speech, and civic engagement through social media.”

Social media consultant Thomas Dodson said that seeing Election Day selfies flood people’s social media feeds could lead to better engagement with younger demographics, as celebrities reveal who won their support.

But what about voter secrecy?

Clark Kelso, a law professor at the McGeorge School of Law, said that any challenging the so-called “ballot selfie law” in court would probably end up falling under free speech and free expression rights. No one is forcing you to snap the selfie after all.

There is precedent for such laws as well, as Maine, Oregon and Utah have revised their laws recently to allow ballot selfies, according to the ACLU.

More details on the ballot selfies can be found here.