Oil Leak in Alameda County goes Unreported for Months, Extent Unknown

The big fear here being drinking water contamination.

Alameda County’s only oilfield is in Livermore and was only reported when a neighboring business complained.

NBC Bay Area sifted records and found that both the owner, E&B Resources, and the county inspectors knew about this months. What a mess.

Inspection of the site earlier this year revealed 13 violations, although E&B only reported the leak to the state seven weeks after citation.

So naturally, the community is up in arms because the lack of knowledge and months of lagging plant a very real seed of fear in people’s minds about their drinking water. NBC reported that it is not uncommon for people in the area to have their own water pump tapped into the aquifer. Those private pumps lack treatment systems by and large.

So this will be fun to track over the next couple weeks.

The NBC report can be found here.