San Bernardino HR Director Resigns Amid Prostitution Scandal

The County of San Bernardino has parted ways with Human Resources Director Andrew Lamberto following his recent conviction for solicitation of prostitution. The kicker: Lamberto will continue to receive his full salary and benefits for the next 6 months—a total of $165,000—as part of a negotiated separation and settlement agreement to avoid future litigation.

Beginning May 28, Lamberto can use his remaining administrative, holiday and vacation time, after which his resignation becomes effective. He remains on leave until that time.

“It was not easy for the board to agree to these terms following this incident,” said board Chairman James Ramos of Thursday’s decision. “However, given the great potential for litigation in employment matters, which would cost taxpayers unknown financial liabilities, this was clearly the best option.”

Lamberto was arrested on March 27 for soliciting a prostitute in Orange County. He pleaded guilty in August and was sentenced to 3 years’ probation and 10 days of community service. Despite County CEO Greg Devereaux’s knowledge of the incident, county supervisors didn’t find out about it until October when they read about the arrest on a blog.

Devereaux has since apologized for his handling of the matter, but county officials were incensed. The board has ordered an evaluation of his performance. In addition, they have instructed him to draft a new policy with county counsel to prevent such missteps in the future. That policy will come before the board for consideration on Dec. 15.

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