SF Sheriff Mirkarimi Loses Re-election Bid, Hennessey In

Ross Mirkarimi got swamped by a 62-31 margin.

The votes favored Vicki Hennessey, a retired sheriff’s official, who had support from the re-elected Mayor Ed Lee as well as the sheriff deputies association.

Mirkarimi endured a shaky tenure as Sheriff, especially with the recent controversy being the summer killing of Kate Steinle by an undocumented Mexican man who had been released from a San Francisco jail despite federal immigration officials requesting him be detained.

Mirkarimi had also had his driver’s license revoked in August through what he described as a paperwork screw up.

Vicki Hennessey is not new to the Sheriff’s post. Hennessey was actually appointed by Mayor Lee as a temporary replacement to Mirkarimi when he declined the Mayor’s 24-hour ultimatum to resign over domestic violence charges shortly after he was sworn in.

So they probably don’t want to see each other at the office anytime soon.

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