Three Suspects Arrested after the Killing of a Downey Police Officer

One had been arrested earlier, with two more arrests announced today.

Arraignment has been postponed to Dec. 17 for the two men and one boy charged with the murder of Officer Ricardo Galvez last week.

Steven Knott, 18, Jeremy Anthony Alvarez, 21, and Abel Diaz, 16, are all charged with murder after attempting to rob an on-duty Galvez. Galvez had been sitting in his car in the public civic center parking lot coming back to the department after a K-9 training exercise elsewhere when the robbery attempt and shooting occurred.

Galvez, a five year department veteran and Marine Corps veteran, died at the scene.

According to the LA County DA's Office, the adult Knott and Alvarez could face the death penalty if convicted, the younger Diaz faces life imprisonment as the high water mark of his potential sentencing.

Lt. Mark McDaniel, a veteran detective and Galvez’s mentor, described Galvez as “a very good man and a great marine.”

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