Pay Raise Approved for Mendocino Sheriff, D.A.

On the heels of heated objections from rank-and-file county employees, the Mendocino County Board of Supervisors approved a 16 and 5 percent pay raise for District Attorney David Eyster and Sheriff Tom Allman on Tuesday. Both of the raises were lower than what was initially proposed (22 percent for Eyster and 10 percent for Allman). In Eyster’s case, however, the boost was still considerably higher than the mere 5 percent given to most other county employees.

Only two supervisors, Tom Woodhouse and John McCowen, voted in favor of the initial proposal. Employee unions had argued that these raises would be unfair, given the considerably smaller increase for the rank-and-file.

“It’s really in bad taste to do that,” said SIEU representative Aaron Burton of the initial proposals.

McCowen and Woodhouse were able to convince their colleagues to at least sign on to the 16 percent for Eyster, arguing that they risked losing him to another job if they failed to act.

“[Eyester’s] a valuable person. He brings in millions,” Woodhouse said.

Sheriff Allman promised to stay on board regardless of how the supervisors voted, which may explain why his proposed boost was cut in half.

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