Video: L.A. County Supervisor Kuehl Swats Gadfly

The lovely buzz of public comment…

Last Tuesday’s L.A. County Board Meeting had a vote on for the county to take a position on incoming Syrian refugees, they voted to continue welcoming Syrian refugees.

Buzzing up to the public comment microphone is John Walsh, a gray-haired man wearing a tie covered in peace symbols, who would go on to spew anti-Islamic vitriol for the duration of his comment. This verbal offal culminates when Walsh calls Supervisor Sheila Kuehl an anti-Semitic scumbag.

At this point Kuehl answered the bell, calling Walsh an ‘asshole’ while identifying her own Jewish ancestry. Kuehl continued on the moral high road, recognizing that she had used some of his public comment time and offered to allow Walsh to keep speaking. A true parliamentarian she is!

We can’t get over the guy’s peace sign tie either…

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